Control Loop Optimization Course

The Control Loop Optimization (CLO) training course provided by Lambda Controls is a four day course held on-site at a Paper/Pulp mill. The CLO course is designed primarily for pulp and paper mill instrumentation technicians, but it is also a good introductory course for process and instrumentation engineers. The primary aim of the course is to provide course participants with a basic understanding of control loop optimization by:

The Lambda Tuning method is presented as the preferred controller tuning method. A secondary aim of the course is to heighten the awareness of process variability and to appreciate the role of control loop optimization in reducing process variability.

The course is a combination of class room based lectures and field based bump test and controller tuning exercises conducted on control loops in the mill. A Personal Computer based data acquisition system will be used to collect high quality process data in the field. This data will be discussed in class and used to evaluate field instrumentation, to identify process models and to calculate controller tuning. The field work and class discussion of field work makes up about 50 percent of the course.

The main topics presented in the course are:

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