VisSim Add-on for Process Simulations

Lambda Tools for VisSim, developed by Lambda Controls, is an add-on to the VisSimTM Microsoft Windows® based dynamic simulation software package developed by Visual Solutions Inc. Visit the Visual Solutions website for further details about VisSim.

Lambda Tools for VisSim (LTV) enhances the easy-to-use flexible dynamic system simulation capabilities of VisSim, with an operator interface and control system capabilities normally present in a Distributed Control System (DCS) or similar control system used in the process industries. The LTV add-on also provides the ability to configure the control system to have the "look and feel" of a control system provided by a particular vendor of industrial control systems (eg. Honeywell, ABB, etc.).

Using VisSim and Lambda Tools for VisSim provides a cost effective way to build high fidelity dynamic simulations of an industrial process which are easy to modify and maintain using the VisSim software and also to present a user interface which is familiar to plant operators and engineers by using the Lambda Tools for VisSim add-on.

The Lambda Tools for VisSim add-on can also be used to provide cost effective training simulators to train operators, electrical/instrumentation technicians and engineers.

Lambda Tools for VisSim detailed description